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RURALITIES generates instruments and mechanisms to assist shortening the innovation cycle of identified project tackling the environmental, economic, social and societal nexus (RURNex) made available via the RURALITIES resources platform, they are:

  • a System Thinking (holistic problem-solving approaches) to be practiced to define rural challenges in a structured manner

  • ‘RURALITIES Co-Lab’ in each of the project’s participating country which are events in space and time to host a vast panoply of activities from awareness-raising events to capacity building workshops.

  • the project’s citizen science monitoring framework ‘RURALITIES Citizen Sensing’

  • which is a citizen-driven Mobile App allowing rural people to interact comprehensively with their peers and with all actors of their simplified rural socio-ecological systems (SIMSES)

  • a comprehensive innovation ecosystem encompassing systemic mechanism supported by an actionable knowledge basis, a fund-raising mechanism, a team of 100+  facilitators, and practical instruments, spanning the full innovation spectrum of the RURNex from land use to public services

  • mechanisms to raise funds up to 5 million euros via private channels and donors to finance as many AU-based projects identified by the project’s Community of Practice



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no 101060876. UK participants in Horizon Europe Project RURALITIES are supported by UKRI grant numbers: 10051963 The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership and 10050988 Earthwatch Europe.