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LAG Siret-Moldova

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The Siret–Moldova LAG covers 339.28 km² in the North-East Development Region of Romania (North-West side of Iași country). LAG includes 7 communes/administrative-territorial units comprising 35 rural settlements. The area has a forestry potential but it’s mostly focused on agriculture, particularly vineyards, fruit-growing and. The climate is temperate-continental, with hot summers, frosty winters and average annual temperature of 9 – 10°C, but with specific microclimates too. The region faces environmental challenges like soil erosion, groundwater pollution and other problems resulting from climate change, such as hailstorms.


With a population of 33,790, the area has Lipovan, Russian and Roma communities. The predominant employment is in agriculture, and the region experiences both internal and external migration. The demographic profile shows challenges with youth and elderly dependency. The area includes poor zones, Natura 2000 SCI (sites of community importance) and Natura 2000 SPA (avifauna special protection areas) zones. Economic development requires addressing an aging population, supporting youth entrepreneurship, and accessing rural development funds. the improvement and development of the road infrastructure will play a big part in the economic and social growth of the area.


The SIRET–MOLDOVA LAG has 182 registered companies, mostly micro-enterprises, specializing in commerce, wine production, and fruit processing. The manufacture of grape wines is essential for the LAG and represents a traditional local activity. Key players include Cotnari SA, Cerasus Grup SRL, Fructis Trading SRL and Livada Cotnari SRL, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Partners involved

Rural Development Research Platform

The Rural Development Research Platform Association is one of the critical actors actively involved in developing projects in the North-East Development Region of Romania. In the past five years, the members of the association have been involved in implementing European projects (Horizon 2030 and Horizon Europe: Cities2030, RURALITIES, SHERPA, LIFT SureFarm, RUBIZMO. RDRP specializes in development of methodologies in the relationship with stakeholders within Horizon projects, scientific research in urban and rural food systems, scientific research in archaeology, rural heritage conservation and rural anthropology, web development for Horizon projects as well as branding for Horizon projects.


YXS AVALANA specializes in providing consultancy services for EU non-refundable grants, investment management, local and urban development strategies, as well as engaging in research projects and architectural design. Over the period from 2011 to 2021, the company successfully submitted 300 projects for its clients, built a portfolio of 390 clients from both the public and private sectors, and completed projects with a total value exceeding €360 million. YXS AVALANA collaborates with more than 40 public and private partners. In terms of research, since August 2020, the company has been actively involved in a research contract with IASI UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES, focusing on the development of a software application aimed at assisting small farmers in managing farm expenditures more effectively, thereby replacing traditional methods such as the use of paper notebooks.

Iasi University of Life Sciences

Iasi University of Life Sciences (IULS) is a state-funded institution dedicated to superior agronomic and veterinary medicine education. Its primary mission is to train professionals in various fields, including agricultural and horticultural engineering, animal sciences, agricultural economics, food industry engineering, biology, and veterinary medicine. With 159 members in the teaching and research teams, IULS is a respected academic partner with collaborations across European universities. The institution offers high-quality education, emphasizes scientific research, provides access to modern facilities, and supports student participation in European mobility programs, aiming to prepare students for successful careers. Currently, over 4,200 students benefit from these academic offerings.

SIRET-MOLDOVA Local Action Group Association

The SIRET-MOLDOVA Local Action Group Association consists of 33 public and private partners working collaboratively to implement the European LEADER principle for rural development in the North-Eastern region of Romania. Covering seven municipalities, the group aims to address economic and social imbalances between urban and rural areas. To achieve this, they focus on leveraging the region's rural, natural, and ethno-cultural potential, emphasizing agriculture, trade, services, production, tourism, minorities, and professional training. The group's mission is to mobilize resources for implementing proposed measures and projects, fostering a modern, European, dynamic, and prosperous micro-region through participation, collaboration, consultation, planning, and organizational capacity.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no 101060876. UK participants in Horizon Europe Project RURALITIES are supported by UKRI grant numbers: 10051963 The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership and 10050988 Earthwatch Europe.