Unveiling the RURALITIES Training Material for Role Models and Replicators

A newly released draft training material, titled ”RURALITIES TRAINING, designed to empower and equip Role Models and Replicators” aims to support Role Models and Replicators within the rural nexus (RURNex) network. The objective of this material is to establish a capacity-building program that encourages knowledge sharing among engaged individuals, enabling them to emerge as leaders or influencers in their respective areas. The initiative encompasses identifying these individuals, fostering collaborative efforts, and recognizing their contributions to various outcomes, including supervising the creation of the RURALITIES Augmented Knowledge Alliance and participating in the transcontinental AU-EU campaign ‘Rural Thrive 2050’ project activities.

Over the initial 18 months of the project, RURALITIES partners have actively engaged in creating a repository of RURNex actors in the demonstrations areas. This approach involves a multi-actor strategy, identifying facilitators who will serve as role models, influencers, and replicators. By March 2024, the goal is to identify 100 facilitators who will join the co-creation process and contribute to the RURALITIES Augmented Knowledge Alliance, which is envisioned to house a repository of over 10,000 actors within the RURNex network.

Once engaged, facilitators will be equipped to expand and oversee the development of this network throughout the project’s lifecycle. Importantly, the primary goal of engaging facilitators in this co-creation process is to empower them with the necessary tools to sustain and enhance synergy within the RURALITIES ALLIANCE even after the project concludes.

In summary, the capacity building program aims to foster knowledge sharing, and empower role models within the RURNex network. This initiative seeks to create a lasting impact by equipping facilitators with the tools needed to sustain the network’s synergy beyond the project’s duration. Additionally, it provides valuable guidance to project partners on engaging actors and maximizing the network’s utility for long-term benefits.

Please feel free to access the training material here.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no 101060876. UK participants in Horizon Europe Project RURALITIES are supported by UKRI grant numbers: 10051963 The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership and 10050988 Earthwatch Europe.